April 25, 2024

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2 Affordable Ways to Make a Business Card Stand Out

Let’s face it…

There are a lot of ways to make a business card stand out.

There are unique materials like plastic, metal, wood, or even chocolate. There’s embossing and die-cutting. Even 3D and DVD business cards. And a host of other options as well.

But there’s a reason that most people stick with standard ones.

They’re affordable.

It’s interesting – business cards are often recognized as one of the most cost effective and inexpensive marketing mediums available to a business. But, when you begin die cutting, embossing, and printing on unique materials, the expense can multiply from a few pennies a piece… to fifty cents… to literally a dollar or more per card.

That’s a pretty dramatic difference, don’t you think? For some businesses that kind of investment certainly makes sense. For others, it doesn’t.

The same is true for people using their business cards to find jobs, or for large companies who print them for dozens or even hundreds of employees. In all of these cases, it’s important to have nice, professional looking cards, but anything beyond that – like expensive design, unique shapes, and other add-ons – may be financially extraneous.

But is there an easier, more affordable way to stand out?

Indeed there is. There are a few ways actually.

One of the best is by to utilize raised ink.

Raised ink cards are very similar to standard cards with the exception that both the text and graphical element rise above the rest of the card, giving it both a unique look and feel.

Rarely do business cards have texture which is why raised ink business cards are a very professional choice that can really stand out.

Best of all, raised ink is an affordable add-on that requires no special design abilities whatsoever. You only need to find a printer that offers it.

Yet another simple way to make your card stand out is to choose a more professional, more attention-grabbing paper stock to print on. This is such a simple, but often overlooked option (possibly because few major online retailers seem to offer it).

Most sites utilize a standard monotone card stock that looks nice, but that blends in with all of the other business cards your recipient receives. Varying your paper choice to a colored, stone, or marble card stock… or better yet a linen card stock, can give your business card a unique and professional look and feel, that others lack.

And again, it’s a simple difference that requires no time, no effort, and with the right printer, no added investment either.

So if you want a nice, professional marketing piece that stands out and reflects positively on you or your company, consider raised ink and a marbleized or linen paper stock. It’s an easy choice that can give you the look and feel you want, without the added time, effort, or expense of some other popular varieties.