May 28, 2024

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A ViSalus Network Marketing Internet Business Review

ViSalus has a multi level marketing (MLM) system that makes a great Network Marketing Internet Business. ViSalus literally translates to Life (Vi) and health and prosperity (Salus). These are key concepts for ViSalus. The products They sell promote weight management, nutrition and higher energy levels. Their products are sold through their Network Marketing Internet Business.

The weight management products offered by ViSalus help dieters be successful by cutting calories, boosting metabolism and calming hunger, which reduces dieter’s stress. These weight management products can help create that golden road to prosperity for their distributors. These products can also help customers lose weight and lead healthier lives. ViSalus offers four different kits in its weight management program. The TSS Replenish Kit includes 30 servings of the ViSalus Vi-Shape nutritional shake, Vi-Slim tablets and the ViSalus clear control drink mix. They even offer cookies. One cookie equals to one snack, and two cookies are a meal substitute.

The Company has a jump start program called ViSalus Body by Vi challenge. The object is transformation in 90 days, with the dieter seeing fast results that spur them on to more successes. These customers can choose from an assortment of ViSalus Body by Vi kits. One example is the Transformation Kit, which contain products that have the nutritional ingredients that allow the dieter to see dramatic changes in this short time frame.

The ViSalus performance products focus on boosting energy and improving the metabolism. ViSalus offers the Neuro Lemon Lift to keep away daytime drowsiness and to promote high energy levels. ViSalus Neuro is also available in raspberry for a change of pace.

The ViSalus Executive Success System (ESS) includes product for the buyer to sample, share or sell. This includes a one-month free membership to Vi-Net Pro to help you begin your business. Energized entrepreneurs can also purchase the ViSalus “Success” magazine in packs of 25 to further promote the program.

ViSalus uses its MLM business system to sell and distribute its products. The system itself is a source of revenue to company. Events and prizes promote the ViSalus community. The ViSalus “Bimmer Club” prize is an event in itself. Its distributors become eligible for the Bimmer Club when they reach the level of Regional Director. Being a member of the Club can mean a monthly BMW bonus for the distributor.

They also have a giving program, which helps feed hungry children. This happens when company matches a distributor’s contribution to help the less fortunate. Corporate giving is a win-win situation that simultaneously benefits the giver and the recipient. The visibility of the ViSalus name will be increased with the giving program, and the children benefit also. If you are looking for a Network Marketing Internet Business you may want to try these products and its ESS. If combined with an effective Online marketing system, it could be your key to a better life experience via health and prosperity.