July 12, 2024

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Adjusting Your Business Cards Design to Your Business Model for Better Effectiveness

Adjusting Your Business Cards Design to Your Business Model for Better Effectiveness

Adjusting Your Business Cards Design to Your Business Model for Better Effectiveness

Each business has a unique selling point that should influence the usability and purpose of their business cards design. Before you begin designing your business cards, you should first take a second or third look at your business model. The effectiveness of your business card lies in more than just its aesthetic value but in providing useful information to your customers.

These handy business cards are flexible enough to adjust to your needs. Although it’s a good idea to use both sides of the cards to make it multi-functional, this secondary function should address a targeted need as well. Other than relaying your contact information, what other important goals can your business card fulfill? Will you print your product list, a short directory, or a reference guide?

Here are a few business card design ideas for marketing your unique selling point:

1. Location

Although location is important to almost all businesses, it is more important for some than it is for others. Restaurants, hotels, and parks for instance who rely on referrals from tourists to grow their business can include a small map at the back of their business card.

It makes it easier for your client to hand your business card to a friend rather than direct him through unfamiliar territory. In addition, the map provides a value added service to the customer at negligible cost. He can simply hand it to the cab driver to direct him to your shop, or simply show it to a local to direct him to your area.

2. One-stop-shop

Convenience can be an important selling point for many businesses that sell commodity items or have plenty of competition in their industry. The ease of sourcing products in a single store can be a welcome relief for your harried consumer and give your business a competitive edge. You can include the comprehensive product list or services at the back of your business card.

3. Specialized Services

There are specialized businesses though whose offers differ from one project to another customizing their service depending on the customers needs. Although you have a general package, or a program your customer can apply to, the nuances of each deal makes it difficult to create a comprehensive service or products list.

When it comes to specialized services, the more important thing is the perceived competence of the solutions provider. An accounting firm for instance will have to sell its business image first before it can sell its services. In this case, your business card should be simple and elegant with more attention paid to the quality of the print and the card material.

4. Online Businesses

Many online businesses are powered with offline marketing strategies. Many bloggers for instance are lecturers or speakers themselves and use their speaking engagements to mingle with their audience and co-speakers to increase their web traffic.

Sometimes lecturers achieve a near celebrity status or are highly regarded in their field. If you want to have a strong public persona but keep your personal life private, then this should be reflected in your business card. Use your website or blog’s interface in the business cards design and simply place your URL address instead of your personal information.