July 19, 2024

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Cheap Nevada Auto Insurance

Cheap Nevada Auto Insurance

Cheap Nevada Auto Insurance

All you need to do is take a few minutes and go online and compare quotes. Up to 10 rates can be compared in a few short minutes. Lets take a look into the basics of Nevada insurance and a few tips that could save you hundreds off your premiums.

Car insurance rates in Nevada fluctuate greatly depending on many factors like a persons age, location and the car they drive. The largest and most famous city in the silver state is Las Vegas. For many years, Vegas was the fastest growing city in the U.S. and this of course caused traffic snarls and you guessed it, increased accident rates. Consequently, premiums in Las Vegas are higher than most other cities statewide. Another big reason for higher coverage costs is the ongoing problem with intoxicated drivers.

Las Vegas has no restrictions on buying alcohol and some estimates show about 40{b5271943e17dd97dcded82632e818dabbc62c3d3bd5fa50d83532f0f6a236ecb} of motorists between 10pm and 5am are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This causes more accidents per person than other, more rural areas and insurers have hiked rates for Las Vegas city residents. About 50{b5271943e17dd97dcded82632e818dabbc62c3d3bd5fa50d83532f0f6a236ecb} of Nevada’s deadly vehicular crashes are alcohol related. If you live in Las Vegas, a simple tip to get cheap auto coverage is to never get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol.

Military members and their family can save big on Nevada Insurance

Most people only think of Las Vegas as a party city, but it is also home to the Nellis air force base and to the UFO crowd, area 51. Nellis has thousands of workers and they can qualify for big discounts from insurers like USAA and Geico. USAA has some of the lowest rates anywhere for active military personnel and their families. According to several rate sampling tests, USAA produced the cheapest Las Vegas insurance premiums for active military. Geico also gives big rate breaks to anyone in the service and even veterans. Geico’s famous website not only allows you to get free quotes but a policy can be purchased and managed all online. If you are not in the service don’t worry. There are many other discounts that you can probably qualify for.

Teen Car Insurance Rates in Nevada

As you might suspect, teenagers are charged a lot for insurance coverage in Nevada and even more so in Las Vegas. The stats just don’t lie and many teens are engaging in risky behaviors like texting while driving and even browsing Twitter or Facebook. This has led to a surge in accidents and insurers have been forced to raise prices for insuring teens in Nevada. This is unfair to all the responsible teenagers out there who are careful drivers but nonetheless the reality is younger drivers will pay about double for auto insurance until they hit 25.

Nevada Car Insurance Fraud

A big reason why auto insurance costs so much in Nevada is the high rate of insurance fraud in the state. Every year, insurers lose billions of dollars to these unethical schemes. Fraud includes brokers who are not even licensed selling fake policies, fake or staged car accidents and bogus injury claims. These are only a few of the many methods criminals use to perpetuate insurance fraud. If you suspect any fraud, call your state insurance commissioner and report it right away. Not only will you be doing the right thing but you’ll also help keep rates lower for all drivers.