June 19, 2024

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Entrepreneurs – Want to Open a Small Catering Business and Not Sure What You Need?

You want to set up a small catering business or maybe a part time business and are not sure what you need to do to be legal and efficient.

First of all, you will need a food handling certificate at least and you will need your kitchen inspected so that it reaches the legal health and safety requirements. You will then need this certified and usually checked each year. This will involve you understanding about fridge and freezer storage and food handling including the difference between cooked, processed and frozen meat. You will need to show that you understand about using different knives and chopping boards as well as general hand, surface and food cleanliness. Needs vary from country and state to state so you need to check the appropriate requirements.

In addition you will need:

* To pay tax – everyone needs to do that – but you will get a lot of allowances – go to your country’s tax web site or get advice from an accountant.

* Limited liability insurance – so that you don’t get sued for any accidents or problems.

Catering for numerous people at once or numerous people in a rota is far different from domestic cooking. You will need different kit such as large pots, pans and cooking trays, heavy duty utensils and good quality knives and cookery gloves. You will also need hardwearing, quality crockery and cutlery (flatware) as well as a selection of cups and saucers and glasses. You may also need an industrial cooker/oven and dishwashing machine to cope with the volume of cooking. You might also need disposables such as serviettes/tissues/napkins and condiments and sauces. Lastly you may need benches, tables and chairs for your guests.

If you are carrying food to other places you will need a bains marie to keep it hot and a refrigerator to keep it cool. Food that goes below or above set temperatures is asking for food poisoning!

You can hire crockery, cutlery and glasses if need be – but most other items you will need to buy or lease.

Good luck in your new business.