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Insurance Company Complaints – Top 10 Companies of 2012 With Least Number of Complaints

Insurance Company Complaints – Top 10 Companies of 2012 With Least Number of Complaints

Insurance Company Complaints – Top 10 Companies of 2012 With Least Number of Complaints

The New York State Department of Insurance (DOI) recently released the 2012 Annual Ranking of Automobile Insurance Complaints. The report is issued to help consumers find the automobile insurer that best meets their needs.

This report analyzed data collected from 2010 and 2011. It ranks companies doing business in the State of New York. However, as New York is a heavily populated state, with both big cities and big urban areas, the report can be considered a good representation of insurance company performance nationwide.

Use this report to see where your present car insurer ranks. You MAY want to switch insurance companies after reading this article.

2012 Auto Complaint Listing (best rank at top, more complaints as you go down)

1. Kemper Ins.

2. Progressive Northwestern Ins.

3. Great Northern Ins.

4. Merchants Preferred Ins.

5. Main Street America Ins.

6. Unitrin Auto and Home Ins.

7. Utica National Insurance of Texas

8. Old Dominion Ins.

9. Encompass Indemnity

10. Unitrin Preferred Ins.

11. Commerce and Industry Ins.

12. Encompass Insurance

13. America Automobile Insurance of Hartford

14. TravCo Ins.

16. Economy Premier Assurance

17. Barkers Standard Ins.

18. Travelers Indemnity

19. 21st Century Ins.

20. Nationwide Affinity Ins.

21. Ameriprise Ins.

22. Charter Oak Fire Ins.

23. Encompass Home and Auto Ins.

24. Electric Insurance

25. Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance

26. Republic-Franklin Insurance (Utica)

27. Citizens Insurance

28. American Modern Home Insurance

29. Hartford Accident and Indemnity

30. Encompass Property and Casualty

31. 21st Century Premier Insurance

32. Nationwide Property and Casualty

33. Massachusetts Bay Insurance

34. Unitrin Advantage Insurance

35. Central Mutual Insurance

36. Associated Indemnity Corporation

37. Response Worldwide Insurance

38. American Bankers Ins.

39. National General Ins.

40. Vigilant Ins.


NONE of the major national companies whose ads you see on TV made the Top Ten!! The only one to break the Top TWENTY was 21st Century! There is only one other major national company in the TOP 40, and that is Nationwide.

What should that tell you?

If your present auto insurer is not shown on this list, maybe they don’t sell insurance in New York. But it likely means that their number of complaints is worse than the #40 position!

Consider this next statement carefully, my friends.

The only thing that matters about your insurance is what happens when you submit a claim. Claims are about KEEPING PROMISES. When the insurance companies don’t keep their promises, the state Departments of Insurance gets lots of complaints!

The DOI report is issued so you can make an informed decision about which insurance company you choose. Choose wisely!

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