July 12, 2024

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Is the Segmentation of the Fitness Industry Working for You?

Is the Segmentation of the Fitness Industry Working for You?

Is the Segmentation of the Fitness Industry Working for You?

The idea of your average “gym” is swiftly changing as various types of non-traditional facilities get in the game of providing fitness services to their customers. Using gym management software can help you identify new consumer groups within the industry in order to expand your business and garner new sales.

Think beyond your average gym

Gyms come in all sizes, shapes, and locations. From mega fitness centers located in the heart of a downtown to small, resident-only health clubs in an apartment complex, you need to expand your idea of what a gym should look like and where it should be located in order to reach more potential clients within this rapidly growing industry.

Take a look at some growing segments within the industry that you should add to your radar when selling gym memberships.

· Hospitals are increasingly gaining membership with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities along with the ability to directly provide members with advanced PT services.

· Country clubs have discovered celebrated golf courses and gourmet dining services do not make up for the long gap between golfing seasons in most parts of the United States. Therefore, they are increasingly adding fitness facilities in order to provide members with an added benefit of their pricey, annual membership fees.

· Large corporations understand the benefits of a healthy workforce. Not only are employees more productive, but they can earn incentives and discounts on their corporate insurance premiums by having a wellness center on site and employing an active workforce. Additionally, on site gyms act as a recruitment tool for potential employees.

· Community centers such as YMCAs and Jewish Community Centers have found their membership is becoming increasingly dependent on their workout facilities. Thus, they are investing heavily in upgrading their facility offerings and staff training.

· Apartment complexes and gated residential communities are dedicating space to gyms in an effort to attract buyers and renters. Remember retirement communities whose residents are staying more active well into their twilight years!

Time to diversify for better sales

Gym managers are proving successful differentiating themselves in this increasingly competitive industry. Selecting the right gym management software will help fitness centers exploit and manage new sale opportunities. Call on your current customers to see how you could improve your service offerings. But, don’t stop there. Go out and locate these industry rookies to determine what they need in order to better operate their facilities and serve their members. It is only through a synergistic approach to the industry that the new generation of health club software can be created.