July 15, 2024

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Issuance of Stocks in the Stock Market

Issuance of Stocks in the Stock Market

Issuance of Stocks in the Stock Market

Have you ever delved on the fact how the stock market evolved, whether it all started in India or some other nation? If you are having a source of making enough wealth and even beyond your expectation levels, it is imperative you should know about it. The Indian market witnessed nascence with the roots of the Bombay Stock Exchange some 135 years ago. The concept did not start in India. Britain first recorded it in the 16th century with the first joint stock companies being witnessed in the Netherlands. Bonds and shares were first issued by the Dutch East India Company in the year 1602. That is how the market began; today it is a humdrum affair with investors crossing the billion mark worldwide. More and more investors are joining the race every day!

It is through stock exchanges that companies issue stocks. Investors cannot directly buy the stocks neither are they entitled to handle their own transactions. There are stock brokers who are authorized to carry out trades on the investors’ behalf at the same time handling their transactions. There are different categories of stock brokers to choose from. You may be guided by your stock broker who will guide you with selecting potential stocks based on market statistics. But it will be favorable on your part if you do a homework yourself, taking into account the latest market statistics from the live stock market. Visit a market news portal to catch a glimpse of the live stock market where you can view every market statistics right from BSE chart, NSE performance, top gainers, top losers, stock recommendations, etc.

There are two major stock exchanges in India – the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). The NSE performance in the live stocks is represented by the nifty and the BSE performance by the sensex.

The Indian stock market has invited foreign investors as well given the bright prospects. This resulted in FDI amounting to crores of rupees. Investors face both losses and gains; exceptions are there in case of experts who handle every market situation at ease.