June 16, 2024

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Leather Briefcase – Your Office in a Bag

Nothing screams elegance like good quality leather. The quintessential marks of success are good leather briefcases. In the days of old, leather briefcases were mainly used to carry legal briefs to court. Now, however, they exude quality and professionalism, and have since significantly evolved into a status symbol.

The Evolution of the Briefcase

Leather briefcases were originally designed after the limp satchels of the 14th century. These satchels were used to carry money and valuables. In 1826, a Frenchman named Godillot designed the first hinged iron frame of leather briefcases. Subsequently, the Gladstone and the oval-topped Rosebury followed suit. These made way for the popular metal-framed leather briefcases that open like laptops.

The essential tools of business have undergone drastic changes through the years. Not to be left behind, so have leather briefcases. What used to be just paper-friendly compartments and exteriors now include special compartments for gadgets while still retaining paper space. Large flaps are usually featured, designed to give the leather briefcases a more streamlined look by concealing the gadget pouches.

A Workdesk in a Bag

Leather briefcases not only carry your important documents, they can also hold cellular phones, handheld computers, laptops, computer disks, business cards, and many more. Leather briefcases now come with handles and shoulder straps for added mobility. In short, leather briefcases can be a mobile workdesk. Leather briefcases even have new names such as man bags, saddlebags, and messenger bags.

Though soft leather briefcases with shoulder straps have replaced the more traditional hard rectangular cases, businessmen and corporate executives can still make waves by choosing leather briefcases of supple, stylish leather. Soft leather briefcases contribute to easier packing and expanding. What’s more, they project a friendlier image.

Choosing Perfection

Black remains to be the color of choice for professionals, though people are starting to lean towards more casual and creative colors. Brown and gray are appropriate for both casual and formal occasions.

Designer colors, like mustard and cranberry, are perfect for the imaginative professional. Remember that the briefcase you choose does not only reflect the industry you’re affiliated with, but also your own unique personality.

When choosing leather briefcases, you need to consider its structure. Make a list of the items you intend to carry and determine the structure that you need. If you will lug around computer equipment or papers that need to lie flat, choose a briefcase designed for protection. On the other hand, if you will be carrying irregularly shaped items, such as personal items or snacks, you need leather briefcases with less structure, in order to comfortably accommodate these items.

Another thing you should consider is the style of your leather briefcases. You can choose to have handles, straps, or even both. As a professional, you need to present a polished and perfectly pulled together appearance. Consider what you normally wear and determine if your leather briefcases blend in perfectly.

Lastly, consider the leather briefcases’ compartments. Don’t be compartment-greedy. Choose only the briefcase with the compartments that you’ll use. Too many specialized compartments are a waste of space and money. Larger pouches are always more versatile.

With so many leather briefcases to choose from, finding the perfect one is like making a new friend. You’ll find your attachment growing as time passes. With their natural dyes, leather briefcases become richer and more beautiful as they age. You’ll find that you can’t go anywhere without one. With leather briefcases, you can carry your office wherever you go.