June 19, 2024

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Maximizing Your Business Potential

Mobile Bartender Business Card Tips

Bartender Business Cards are a must for your Mobile Bartending business. Your business card will serve as a catalyst for Word-of-Mouth Advertising and Referral Marketing. If you are interested in the exciting opportunities that await bartending private events, weddings, corporate parties and more, you need start with creating the right business card.

You can make your bartender business card using a photo editing software program like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. (NOTE: you can download free 30 day trials on their websites) If you buy some business card templates, expect to pay a bit more. If you can’t make of your own, hire someone to do it for you. Find that friend who is a graphic designer to help you out. Have him create a logo and a design for you.

Please remember when creating a template or design for your mobile bartender business: Make It Attractive. It needs to have that “WOW” factor. Great quality and professional design are important. People will form their 1st impression of you and your business based solely on your card. If your it looks dull, that will mean the same to your bartender business.

Next, promoting yourself is a must in this business. Your biz card is the first step in self-promotion. Using it, you can easily hand them to people you have just met at a party or networking event. Imagine you are at an event that you are bartending at: every guest there is a potential client. Introduce yourself, build rapport with them and hand them a card. But most importantly, tell them, “If you know of anyone who is having a party and needs a bartender, let me know!”

I also recommend having some of your bartender business cards displayed nicely on your bar. You may be to busy to interact with guests and they can simply pick up a card and take it themselves.

Your goal is really to pass your card out to as many people as possible-especially while you are “on the job” bartending other events. When people see you in action, they will be more inclined to hire you because they know you are good! Your bartender business card; don’t leave home without it!