July 19, 2024

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The Growing Private Investigations Market in Colorado

The Growing Private Investigations Market in Colorado

The Growing Private Investigations Market in Colorado

I love being a private investigator. It is a progressive career and always captures my attention. That is why I am still doing it and plan to make a long career out of investigating. I get bored very easy and this always has something new and interesting to teach me. I started doing insurance investigations. Mostly liability claims and workers compensation surveillance. I did the majority of my investigating in Colorado Springs. Once I learned the ropes of the trade I expanded my field and area of coverage. I now own my own firm in Colorado Springs and Denver. I conduct surveillance, cheating spouse cases, skip tracing, background checks, child custody cases, corporate investigations and more. I investigate in Denver and Investigate in Colorado Springs, Mostly. But I do cover the entire state of Colorado. I use all types of investigative tools in my trade. I have a 4k hand held camera, various hidden and covert cameras from, key fob cameras to pen cameras to blue tooth cameras. I also have a dash camera and stationary cameras.

I have my criminal justice degree from UCCS. I have been growing in investigating business slowly over the past 9 years and it progresses each year. I have seen my fair share of interesting cases. People claiming to be hurt with a broken ankle when I catch them skiing. My favorite types of investigating cases are child custody cases. I am blessed to help children get out of an abusive home or reunite children with their parents. Cheating spouse cases can be interesting but it does put our society in perspective on how hurtful we can be towards each other.

One of my most interesting cases was locating a homeless person in a large city. This was a large task as most homeless people are completely off the grid. Most people you can locate easily through social media or looking through our databases. Not the case trying to find a homeless person. It takes hours of leg work, talking with people doing private investigating the old school way. I thought it would take me 100 hours to locate this homeless person. However within 24 hrs I had him reunited with his mother. This business of people watching really opens your eyes to a different part of the world, one that is both cursed and blessed. I love helping people and hope to be investigating for years to come.

Investigators are used in a variety of situations. My company has a policy that we only take cases that have a legal stance. Are we going to provide a service that will determine which direction that case goes. Can we help bring new information to the case?Vetting clients is a part of the investigation process. There are people out there that want information for not all the right reasons. I have heard of past investigators taking on cases where they could have been held liable for giving out sensitive information. A great example would be a potential client wanted to know where his ex wife was to serve her papers for child custody reasons. After the investigations company did their due diligence they learned the ex husband and potential client had a restraining order for domestic violence. They declined to take the case, avoiding what could have been very bad for all parties involved.

The private investigator industry is a large part of our history. One of the first investigations company was the Pinkerton company in the late 1800’s. The company helped solve cases for top government officials and large corporations. They did take some controversial cases as well. One of the most notorious cases was the homestead strike. Pinkerton was hired for security at the factories where the strike took place. Shots were fired killing 7 Pinkerton workers and 9 people participating in the strike.

I believe the investigations field is only going to grow and be a more productive industry as our population grows. It helps hold people accountable and resolve issues of conflict. The investigation field has evolved with new technologies available making it easier and more time efficient to conduct certain types of investigations such as missing person investigations or background checks.