June 16, 2024

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The Reality About Joint Ventures – 3 Warnings

Joint ventures are all the rage right now but the truth is if you don’t learn them now you will be left behind and probably be out of business because of it. Joint ventures are more than a rage they are the innovation of the global business climate. Joint ventures are creating the future of business and will be for a long time. Sadly, most entrepreneurs only know one Joint Venture marketing strategy. I am here to warn you about the future of business so that you can be the first to transition into joint venture marketing now.

Here are 3 warnings for the future. It is up to you to heed them. If you do, you will explode your sales and business quickly and have a great time doing it. Good Luck!

Warning #1 Competition marketing is dying. If you want to win in business now, you must stop your competition marketing strategies and learn cooperative marketing strategies like joint ventures. If you are a small, medium or large business and are still only using a “competition marketing model” your business will probably die within 5 years because of the lack of connections and clients. Now, former competitive businesses are teaming up and becoming colleagues, this is replacing the old business model of the “competitive marketing strategy.” With Joint Ventures or (JV’s) you are teaming up with a business, group or person in an alliance for the purpose of creating or expanding a market or presence in the market place. You can use a JV to influence or create credibility through an association with others. This helps your business: lower risk, lower marketing costs, creates long term alliances, provides better client service, creates massive wealth faster and have a stabilized business through all economic weather. Your bank will become obsolete in the future. You will not need small business loans or lines of credit because you will be using joint ventures.

Warning #2 Joint Venture Clubs are the fastest growing social networking site where Entrepreneurs meet to create an alliance with another company.

Joint venture clubs are social networking sites that provide entrepreneurs with the perfect place to meet mingle and transact business. In the club, there is never a time when you have to get past gate keepers or make 500 phone calls hoping to get to your big dream company. These companies are members too. Joint venture clubs utilize B2B technology that matches your company to other companies within the club that are a perfect joint venture match for you. Then they send those matches to you to your email where you can go into the club and contact them privately to discuss the possibilities. In a club you can also join a think tank or be at a boardroom meeting where other entrepreneurs are providing answers and ideas. If you want to excel and learn joint ventures the club provides training so that any entrepreneur can succeed at any joint venture alliance they want.

Warning #3 Joint ventures will be the business language of the future. You must learn to speak it now or you will be left behind.

International joint ventures have been promoted by international financial institutions such as the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the World Trade Organization, who have introduced policies to eliminate trade obstacles and deregulate foreign ownership restrictions and the international flow of capital. This shows us that in the future JV’s will be the standard of business around the world. It will be the language of business professionals. It will be the new exchange of this new business economy. Since we are just beginning to break down trade obstacles and deregulate ownership restrictions, you must understand that you are at the beginning of, what I think will be the biggest trend in business history and other experts agree with me.

According to the Commonwealth Alliance Program, businesses estimated that in 2005, 25{b5271943e17dd97dcded82632e818dabbc62c3d3bd5fa50d83532f0f6a236ecb} of their total revenue (40 trillion dollars) was the result of joint ventures. As an entrepreneur myself, I would like to help you wrap your head around 40 trillion dollars. Let’s say that you had $750,000 dollars a day coming into your business. Every day like clockwork you received $750,000 dollars, “Fabulous”, you think. You collect this money every day for 2000 years; and you would only be half way through 1 trillion dollars. See, there is plenty for everyone! So, you can understand how, as an Entrepreneur, you CANNOT AFFORD to NOT use, have, understand, or implement even a small piece of a 40 trillion dollar business strategy. You have been warned about the future business market. Don’t waste time. Join the club and start building your business empire now.