June 19, 2024

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Tips for Online Brand Promotion on YouTube

YouTube has proven to be one of the most useful online marketing tools nowadays for its ability to help small businesses gain exposure and ultimately profits. Kevin Nalty, is an online marketer and he’s strongly advocating using YouTube to grow your business. According to him, there are mainly two things that YouTubers need to keep in mind when trying to get you started in online brand promotion. Read on to find out what they are.

1. Go for entertainment over selling

Most of the successful, viral videos promoting brands are not necessarily commercials, but instead those which are simply creative and entertaining in substance. Businesses should try creating entertaining videos first before (or while) launching their promotions online. People don’t really appreciate in-your-face campaigns on YouTube, which is why the brand message has to take a back seat. Putting up entertaining videos first can help small businesses gain a decent amount of followers who will be more willing to listen to them in the future.

2. Consider using the talent that’s already out there

Collaborate with people who are already knowledgeable about your chosen niche or milieu. A lot of video enthusiasts on YouTube who have the know-how, talent, and fan-base are willing to get sponsored to produce the next viral video for you, or at least work your product into their script, so take advantage of that. I do this too, so if you’re looking for someone who could reach out to teen audiences, and young adults, then I can be a great way – to do that! This can save small businesses a lot of money as it is much more cost-effective to spend money – hiring talent on YouTube, rather than producing new and original content from scratch. Besides, why spend thousands of dollars on professional video productions, when you can pay less to have a YouTuber endorse your product on their show, which in the end will get way more views.

Those two tips can really help small businesses get more exposure for their brand on YouTube in a cost-efficient and effective way. I’ve had a few product placement in my videos myself (or companies who gave me prizes to give away) and it’s proven to have worked out well for everyone. So go find a popular YouTuber who’s reaching your target market and get some third-party endorsement of your brand!