June 16, 2024

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Electronic Business Card Reader Review

An electronic business card reader is a simple and effective way of collecting business cards without having to worry about where to store them and whether they might get lost or not. Some people are still skeptical about its usefulness but so many changes and improvements have taken place such that the modern card reader now reads more than just business cards.

To understand what I’m talking about I would prefer we look at some of the more popular and recommended ones.

BizCard Reader

This is one scanner that does not need any software to get it running. Once it has scanned a card it immediately files the contents into a database. The images can be easily be downloaded onto a computer and the user can retrieve and print them whenever the need arises.

IRIS Business Card Reader

This is one of the smallest electronic business card readers around and can scan more than just business cards. It will scan any documents that are A6 in size. This means that you are able to scan ID cards, Driver’s license cards and so on. The other plus about this scanner is its fully digital and color.

Worldcard Scanner

This scanner has high optical resolution and will save the images exactly as they are without the need to edit. Like most of the other scanners it works via USB and does not need external power.

Like I said before the modern electronic business card reader does more than you would imagine. It’s now more than just a convenience tool and makes information management easier.


This is one of the more regularly updated scanners on the market. This scanner will interface with most operating systems including Microsoft and Macintosh. It comes in a wide range of packages. You can get the normal compact scanner to a scanner that will accommodate the needs of an entire company.