July 15, 2024

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The Biggest Mistake You Can Make When Starting a First Time Business

The Biggest Mistake You Can Make When Starting a First Time Business

The Biggest Mistake You Can Make When Starting a First Time Business

You can use a secret loophole to get what you want and need for your business and personal life… and you can do it easily and logically.

You don’t have to be a “wheeler and dealer”.

You don’t have to be a “slick talker”.

You Don’t Even Have To Be A Smart Businessman.

You can do most of it by mail, e-mail or FAX if you want.

Barter is a worldwide, multi-billion dollar industry where literally every kind of business you can think of – in almost every industrialized country in the world – does business in a large network called a “barter exchange”. These exchanges are huge buying clubs, where all the different member businesses are automatically inclined to buy from one another.

For example…

Let’s say Joe the printer joins…everyone in the club gets a notice about him, and whoever needs printing is going to buy their printing from Joe.

And the same goes for everyone else who joins – the plumber, the lawyer, the dentist, the copywriter, the pharmacy, etc. (As you’ll see, almost every single kind of product and service provider that exists are in these exchanges.)

And here’s what’s interesting:

These businesses do not buy and sell from each other with regular “government circulated” money.

Instead, they use “trade credits” – which are actual currency, just like a U.S. dollar bill is currency – but it can only be spent within the barter club.

But I assure you this is real.

That it works.

And, even more importantly – that you can do the same thing.

Plus, this secret works in any country where barter is found like The United Kingdom, Germany and Australia, for example.

And even if your country doesn’t have any barter companies (which is highly unlikely), it still doesn’t matter, because…as long as you have Internet access, e-mail and a telephone…you can do it all by “remote control” no matter where you live.

Now, here’s the important part:

This loophole really is easy to learn and simple to use. But, if you want to “hit the ground running” – and get things going as fast and smoothly as possible – you’ll need a few important details.

For example, you’ll need to know which barter companies to join.

This is extremely important because there are many different barter companies worldwide – with their own unique currency and members.

But, the vast majority of barter companies are very small…with a limited number of members and businesses.

After years of doing business in the barter industry…and after a lot of “trial and error”…I’ve discovered two specific barter companies with thousands and thousands of active members.

By using this secret, and by doing research, you too can use this financial loophole, and it can save you money!