June 19, 2024

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Paid Surveys – Milking the Proverbial Cash Cow

When you really need to earn extra money and you find a great opportunity, you want to milk it for all it is worth.  Paid surveys are just that.  They are the proverbial “cash cow” of flexible work-at-home cash.  Surprisingly, however, people are not milking them the way they should.

Many people hop into paid surveys and get disappointed by the differences between the hype and the reality.  There are many claims that you can make up to $75 doing surveys, and up to $175/hr doing focus groups.  While this is true, these opportunities are not as frequent as one is led to believe.   Sadly, many unscrupulous internet entrepreneurs are marketing paid surveys as a get rich quick schemes.  This is simply not what paid surveys are about.

Paid surveys are a great source of extra income —  extra income… and they are supposed to be fun.  Frustration from overextended expectations only hurt your ability to earn.   Do you realize you can still make hundreds of dollars in additional cash per month?  Here is how to milk the paid survey opportunities for all they are worth:

  1. Register for multiple survey companies.  Do not expect to have steady stream of survey invitations if you only register for  two or three companies.  Some of the best paying companies only give you a few surveys a month. That does not mean the survey companies are bad, it just means that maybe your demographic was not needed for the business that contracted their service. Registering for a significant number of survey companies can only increase your odds of success.
  2. Survey Filter – filter out the survey companies that are not providing quality surveys and timely payments.  Your time is still money.  No one wants to spend a half-hour taking a 50 cent survey and trust me, those kind of survey companies will continue to email you opportunities if you do not respond.  Do not quit their program, just wait for the right offer.
  3. Recognize Gift Cards as Cash –  that is what some of it really comes down to.  Some people do not want to register for companies that offer gift cards, or points redeemable for gifts cards, etc.  This is a huge mistake.  Gifts cards awarded are just as good as cash.  There have been multiple occasions where I have received $25+ in Amex gifts cards for a single product testing and survey….  and I am not talking about giving my credit card number.  I expected only $2 and a free product.  I got $27 and a free product.  It can work out, and they do not always advertise the actual amount of compensation.  Consider it a bonus and a pleasant surprise.   If you really need the money and are cashing in saved points, just make sure you choose the award that suits your immediate needs, not just “wants.”

These are three simple rules to survey success and satisfaction.  You should never lower your expectations for what your time is worth, but you should be realistic and recognize real opportunities as they are.  When you do this, you will see how great an opportunity paid surveys can be, and how you can capitalize on a great opportunity to work from home.  Register for as many companies as you can, and you will see more profit in the end.