May 28, 2024

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Thinking of Relocating to California’s Silicon Beach?

What do Hulu, True Car and Snap Chat have in common?

These companies have invaded Southern California to comprise what is currently known as Silicon Beach! It’s not really a specific beach or even a location; it’s a movement of startup companies that could have settled in Silicon Valley, but prefers the Southern California lifestyle. And the rising prices of homes in Northern California kept many entrepreneurs looking for other great destinations on the West Coast.

Over 500 tech startup companies have opened offices in the Los Angeles area including well-known companies like Google, Yahoo, You Tube, BuzzFeed and MySpace. Their presence expands from El Segundo to Beverly Hills and Hollywood, and the size plus the diversity of Los Angeles provides a much better laboratory for startups to test new products than Silicon Valley in Northern California. With a population of more than 18 million, Los Angeles has a representative sampling of the United States or perhaps even the world.

These companies are attracting the best and brightest to their employment ranks, and most are also attracted to the beaches, great weather and the presence of the entertainment industry.

As more young professionals move to Los Angeles, the look of the city has changed with a growing number of upscale restaurants, farmers markets and chic retail boutiques. In LA, there’s a neighborhood for everyone’s taste; young professionals are attracted to the funky, upscale vibe in Venice while those families with kids, and concerned with schools, gravitate towards Mar Vista or Culver City. Playa Vista is a planned community with its own schools, library, fitness club, farmers market and restaurants. It attracts a lot of New Yorkers because of the ability of residents to walk everywhere.

If you’re relocating to Los Angeles, the wide variety of architectural styles of homes will attract you. Spanish is popular, showcasing beautiful tiles and mosaics. Craftsman homes were some of the earliest built in Los Angeles, and many home buyers are remodeling them to their original luster. Ranch style, mid Century and Colonial are all here, waiting to be purchased. Angelinos favor the open, indoor/outdoor look taking advantage of all the sunny days which are perfect for entertaining. To many, the outdoor BBQ space is just as precious for entertaining as their indoor kitchen and dining area.

If you like socializing with the best and the brightest in an upscale, fun atmosphere, consider relocating to Silicon Beach.